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Since we acknowledge the reality that these changes come with a hefty price tag, we would like to take ownership in providing the most reliable, unbiased source of information possible.

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We are a blog aiming to provide a one-stop resource for all things related to improving aesthetics and the sense of satisfaction our female friends get after their procedures.

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When it comes to aesthetics and plastic surgeries, half of the research made on this topic goes to the men and women who are highly interested in undergoing a procedure, if possible.

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pruvit ketogenic diet

Pruvit Keto OS: Weight Loss System That Doesn’t Need You to Break A Sweat

In the United States, the rise in popularity of food chains, the sedentary lifestyle, and attitude toward themselves has made them obese. This is a common and severe problem that people have been trying so hard to overcome more than a decade now. Being obese is hard to conquer especially when you’re in the state right now coupled with no motivation to do exercises will even make it worse. Having to trim down weight without doing anything is where Pruvit comes in.

Want to cut down weight but tired and not motivated to break a sweat?

To solve this problem, the body’s normal metabolic rate must be increased or returned to normal. This is made possible if you use Ketone Operating System which triggers a normal body function called ketosis.

A metabolic process called ketosis only happens when your body needs glucose for energy but uses a different source of carbohydrate or energy which is fatty acids when stored fats are broken down.

That is why most people recommend low carbohydrate diet to initiate ketosis.

What Do You Gain From Taking Keto//Os?

Boost In Your Immune System

Research shows that if you do light fasting, your body’s immune system will increase preventing you from infection. Although this is actually true which increases your White Blood Cells (WBC) that fights off bacterial and viral infection but in turn, increases the risk or susceptibility to gastrointestinal problems.

Gastro intestinal problems like Peptic ulcer, Duodenal ulcer and Dyspepsia may arise or worse when not done correctly could lead to intestinal bleeding.

Prevents Intestinal Cancer

Most common causes of intestinal tumors are due to bowel conditions such as constipation, diarrhea or fecal matter that’s more than four weeks in your intestine.

Since it’s high in fiber, it reduces your risk for tumors such as colon cancer, Polyps and Hemorrhoids.

Reduces Risk Of Diabetes

High soluble fiber can slow the speed of sugar absorption causing Diabetes.

It specifically reduces the risk of Diabetes Mellitus type 2 which the body can produce insulin but can’t transport the glucose to individual cells for energy. In a ketogenic diet, carbohydrate is reduced thus reducing risk to DM type 2.

Be careful when you take too much for it will induce Diabetes Type 1 which is the body lacks insulin to transport glucose.

Reduces Risk Of Heart Problems

If you’re obese, you are prone to illnesses such as Coronary Heart Problem, Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), and builds up over time Atheromatous plaque (cholesterol build up) in the arterial wall of the aorta.

If you’re taking Orange Dream, It has Ascorbic acid which may prevent the cholesterol build up and boost your immune system. Seek consult with your doctor when it comes taking it, since Ascorbic acid is a weak acid which may, in turn, induce stomach ulcer when dieting.

Increase Attentiveness & Concentration

Due to the presence of caffeine, it will increase your blood pressure thus causing alertness keeping you awake.

If you have Hypertension, be sure to ask your doctor whether a cardiologist if it’s safe to take in caffeine or a Homeopathic doctor to check the right dosage for you.

For females, it’s advisable to use the non-caffeinated ones. It’s effects when taking too much caffeine may cause adrenal problems, prevent restful sleep, and cause miscarriage to pregnant women.

Be sure to intake lots of water also since caffeine is a diuretic (increase production of urine) and prevent dehydration.

KetoOS Q&A

The Keto//Kreme Source Is Fat From Coconut, Will It Be Useless In Losing Weight?

Before answering that question, you need to know first the difference between High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) and Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL). You can also get all other questions answered by visiting https://supplementpolice.com/pruvit-keto-os

HDL is also called “The Good Cholesterol while LDL is “Bad Cholesterol.” Fats from the coconut increases your HDL levels but also raises your LDL levels more than the HDL.

So taking it, may not entirely be useless since it may raise HDL levels and start ketosis on your body.

KetoOS Summary

Using external sources of ketones have much more benefit to offer. That’s why make sure to consult with your doctor first to attain a much safer and healthier body and life.

Artists Who Walk the Red Carpet With Fake Body Parts

Again, the media and society have connived against changing and upgrading the standards for beauty. Nowadays, the fake becomes the norm. While we still admire natural beauties, we still do follow and love the artists who have gone under the knife. Live from Women’s Plastic Surgery, here’s a gala of stars who have improved themselves with the help of science.

Nikki Minaj

The Superbass singer denies it; though no matter how much she tries, no one believes she’s born with the great behind. In fact, even the word “big” seems so small when describing her glutes. Her pictures in 2010 show significant changes in her physique. Whether the rumours on her surgeries are right or not, you decide.

K Michelle

“Got ‘Em Like” singer and reality star K Michelle admits having some surgeries done. This girl was never afraid to confess how she went under the knife to correct her genetic flaws. The list includes breast augmentation, liposuction, butt implant, and cheek augmentation. If she gets more after those, we’ll know.

 The Kardashians and the Jenners

Caitlyn Jenner – She was born William Bruce Jenner in the late forties. In 2015, Caitlyn opened up to the world as a transgender woman. Her show “I Am Cait” shows here transition and surgeries.

Kris Jenner – Bruce Jenner’s ex-wife admits having a breast augmentation done. Her old photos also suggest some facial treatments that she may have gone through.

Kourtney Jenner – Like mother, like daughter. Kourtney admits having implants back in high school.

The other siblings Kendall, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe, have also changed their physical attributes over the years. Though we haven’t heard any confirmation from these ladies, significant transformations were apparent.

These artists are just a few of the long list of celebrities speculated to go through cosmetic surgeries. Whether rumors have a basis or not doesn’t matter. Their net worth keeps soaring high, in millions.


The Body Transformation Cheat Sheet You Should Use to a Sexier You

How the society creates the norms of a perfect body shape is complex. However, more than the intrigues of how our environment dictates the majority of our preferences, what matters most now is how women and men alike would fit themselves according to these norms. As daunting as it may be, most of us still tend to succumb to these standards. If you’re having a hard time meeting them, here is a personalized cheat sheet we have carefully prepared.

1. A Flatter Tummy

When you get too much fat on your midsection, expect that saggy skin and stretch marks will follow.

Cosmetic Approach: Tummy Tuck

While there are many exercises available for everyone to try, stubborn fat may be tough to combat. At the same time, there may also be underlying health conditions or genetic structures which make it almost impossible for the fats to go away, without scientific intervention. Abdominoplasty may be your best option for worst cases. But if you have minor tummy problems, you can also go for non-invasive methods such as lipo cavitation and RF treatment.

2. Bye Bye Ugly Stretch Marks

Gaining weight then losing it may bring you the ugliest scars you can ever have, the stretch marks.

Cosmetic Approach: Laser Treatments

These skin flaws may seem problematic. But thanks to laser treatments such as Fractional CO2, we can finally say goodbye to these ugly marks. The procedure promotes collagen regrowth in problem areas. However, you may have to go through several sessions before you lose the last scar. If money would be an issue, go for firming and cocoa butter lotions, or for worse cases, tretinoin.

3. The Perks

No one can deny how breast sizes and shapes are a major issue for the women of today. Blame underwear and lingerie advertisements, and even the pregnant Victoria Secret models on the runway.

Cosmetic Approach: Implants

The current trend in aesthetics now includes having teardrops on your breasts. To the ladies who have cried so much for not having the body that they’ve wanted, here’s your chance.
These are just some cheats on how you can achieve the physical attributes you’ve been secretly praying for the longest time.


Top 6 Reasons Why Women Would Like Their Nose Done

If you feel something’s wrong with the shape of your nose or had always hoped for your entire life for a better one, girl, you are not alone. The ever-silent yet always increasing pressure for everyone to adhere to the “perfect nose” has brought in more and more patients to a plastic surgeon each year. However, these doctors would always advise their clients always to consider the rhinoplasty as a personal choice, and not as a way to please others.

1. Either too broad or just flat.

Most people from Asia, Africa, and Hispanic countries are usually the ones who have this condition, though it wouldn’t save other races from the predicament.

How To Correct: Augmentation Rhinoplasty

2. Large, Prominent Tips

Having rounded tips makes your nose seem wider than it is, which occurs from incongruent lower lateral cartilages. Some experts argue that the shape or width of the dome region usually causes this predicament.

How To Correct: Nasal Cartilage Reshaping

3. Too Big, Too Long, Too Much

Our noses can attract people’s attention, whether we want it or not. This fact proves to be problematic in the cases of people who have too much, either a bigger or longer nose than generally acceptable.

How To Correct: Rhinoplasty, Reduction and Reshaping

4. Too Pointed.

Anyone who would like to have a nose job desires a pointy nose except for some who have too much cartilage at the tips of their noses. Reducing the tip cartilage can target the excess cartilage and also reduce the nasal size.

How to Correct: Tip Rhinoplasty

5. Crooked.

Genes, facial trauma, an injury, and other factors may result in a crooked nose which is one of the most difficult conditions to fix. Hence, this flaw may require the most invasive process to achieve a straighter nose.

How To Correct: Complex Rhinoplasty

6. Nose Bumps.

Nasal humps may be caused by several factors, usually by excessive bones or cartilage on the nose. Like the crooked nose, this condition may be due to a facial trauma or the family’s genes.

How To Correct: Dorsal Hump Revision/Removal Rhinoplasty

Whichever you choose to go under the knife, you have to be sure about your decisions. Unlike nonsurgical treatments, surgeries are permanent. If you have decided, then we could only wish you the best.