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The Body Transformation Cheat Sheet You Should Use to a Sexier You

How the society creates the norms of a perfect body shape is complex. However, more than the intrigues of how our environment dictates the majority of our preferences, what matters most now is how women and men alike would fit themselves according to these norms. As daunting as it may be, most of us still tend to succumb to these standards. If you’re having a hard time meeting them, here is a personalized cheat sheet we have carefully prepared.

1. A Flatter Tummy

When you get too much fat on your midsection, expect that saggy skin and stretch marks will follow.

Cosmetic Approach: Tummy Tuck

While there are many exercises available for everyone to try, stubborn fat may be tough to combat. At the same time, there may also be underlying health conditions or genetic structures which make it almost impossible for the fats to go away, without scientific intervention. Abdominoplasty may be your best option for worst cases. But if you have minor tummy problems, you can also go for non-invasive methods such as lipo cavitation and RF treatment.

2. Bye Bye Ugly Stretch Marks

Gaining weight then losing it may bring you the ugliest scars you can ever have, the stretch marks.

Cosmetic Approach: Laser Treatments

These skin flaws may seem problematic. But thanks to laser treatments such as Fractional CO2, we can finally say goodbye to these ugly marks. The procedure promotes collagen regrowth in problem areas. However, you may have to go through several sessions before you lose the last scar. If money would be an issue, go for firming and cocoa butter lotions, or for worse cases, tretinoin.

3. The Perks

No one can deny how breast sizes and shapes are a major issue for the women of today. Blame underwear and lingerie advertisements, and even the pregnant Victoria Secret models on the runway.

Cosmetic Approach: Implants

The current trend in aesthetics now includes having teardrops on your breasts. To the ladies who have cried so much for not having the body that they’ve wanted, here’s your chance.
These are just some cheats on how you can achieve the physical attributes you’ve been secretly praying for the longest time.