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Top 6 Reasons Why Women Would Like Their Nose Done

If you feel something’s wrong with the shape of your nose or had always hoped for your entire life for a better one, girl, you are not alone. The ever-silent yet always increasing pressure for everyone to adhere to the “perfect nose” has brought in more and more patients to a plastic surgeon each year. However, these doctors would always advise their clients always to consider the rhinoplasty as a personal choice, and not as a way to please others.

1. Either too broad or just flat.

Most people from Asia, Africa, and Hispanic countries are usually the ones who have this condition, though it wouldn’t save other races from the predicament.

How To Correct: Augmentation Rhinoplasty

2. Large, Prominent Tips

Having rounded tips makes your nose seem wider than it is, which occurs from incongruent lower lateral cartilages. Some experts argue that the shape or width of the dome region usually causes this predicament.

How To Correct: Nasal Cartilage Reshaping

3. Too Big, Too Long, Too Much

Our noses can attract people’s attention, whether we want it or not. This fact proves to be problematic in the cases of people who have too much, either a bigger or longer nose than generally acceptable.

How To Correct: Rhinoplasty, Reduction and Reshaping

4. Too Pointed.

Anyone who would like to have a nose job desires a pointy nose except for some who have too much cartilage at the tips of their noses. Reducing the tip cartilage can target the excess cartilage and also reduce the nasal size.

How to Correct: Tip Rhinoplasty

5. Crooked.

Genes, facial trauma, an injury, and other factors may result in a crooked nose which is one of the most difficult conditions to fix. Hence, this flaw may require the most invasive process to achieve a straighter nose.

How To Correct: Complex Rhinoplasty

6. Nose Bumps.

Nasal humps may be caused by several factors, usually by excessive bones or cartilage on the nose. Like the crooked nose, this condition may be due to a facial trauma or the family’s genes.

How To Correct: Dorsal Hump Revision/Removal Rhinoplasty

Whichever you choose to go under the knife, you have to be sure about your decisions. Unlike nonsurgical treatments, surgeries are permanent. If you have decided, then we could only wish you the best.